Demon's Souls
by Marcus Lai

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Atlus Inc.'s Demon's Souls for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is a rare game title employs old-fashioned difficulty to create a great sense of reward for each accomplishment. The title is an agonizing, yet addictive role-playing game that is designed for users to learn from each battle and subsequently relish each conquering moment.

In Demon's Souls, users create a custom character to complete one of five main levels. Each character includes different stats, and include a soldier, knight, warrior, hunter, priest, magician, wanderer, barbarian, thief, temple knight, and royalty.

In each level, users must defeat enemies and collect their souls. A final boss battle in each level will carry the largest soul.

Each level carries sub-levels and multiple paths that can be taken in no certain order. There are no save points in each level and each death will require a return back to the Nexus.

The Nexus is a safe haven that players can return to at any time in each level. A return to the Nexus requires players to travel back to the start of the level where the portal lies.

Each trip to the Nexus will allow users to restore health, save their current soul count and items, and purchase new items. Collected souls are used as currency to purchase goods.

Battles are quite strategic in execution. Players can arm left and right hand weapons and armor, carry several sub items, and use some magic skills. The R1 and R2 triggers deploy light and strong attacks, while the L1 and L2 triggers deploy light and strong defense. Players can also choose to use both hands on their weapon to ditch the shield but deal a mighty attack. The circle button allows the user to evade in any direction.

Besides swords and axes, players can equip a bow and arrow and use sub-weapons like turpentine to ignite any current weapon, or toss a firebomb to burn enemies or ignite nearby explosives.

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